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29 May, 2024

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AC/DC converters provide DC motor control and more

21 November, 2023

WEG has launched a series of AC/DC converters that support a wide range of supply voltages and current ratings, catering for both two- and four-quadrant applications. The TPD32-EV-FC converters “offer a versatile solution for motor control to meet the technological demands of a vast range of sectors, for improved efficiency and exceptional performance,” says WEG Automation Europe product manager, Karim Boudaoud.

Originally developed for DC motor control, the converters can also be used for applications involving highly inductive loads, such as electromagnets, chokes, synchronous motor excitation circuits, and electrolysis.

For example, they can be used in hydrogen production plants which use electrolysers to separate hydrogen and oxygen molecules from water by passing an electric current between two electrodes immersed in the water. The thyristor-based converters ensure precise control of the DC current or voltage supplies, enhancing the system’s efficiency and reliability.

The converters can also provide harmonic mitigation. Harmonics can lead to inefficient operation, equipment failures and can even reduced machinery lives. By configuring the system in a 12-pulse parallel or series set-up with dual controls (master and slave) and double thyristor bridges, the line harmonic total harmonic distortion (THDi) can be reduced from 35% to 11%.

“This configuration not only optimises system performance, but also aligns with WEG’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency,” Boudaoud explains.

WEG’s AC/DC converters have a variety of applications including DC motor control

The converters offer precise DC current or voltage control for smooth, efficient operation. They have adjustable output currents and are available in a variety of motor ratings and power settings, with a wide range of DC output voltages and currents. Application packages are available that support even complex industrial operations.

The TPD32-EV can be controlled and programmed from a PC using the WEG_eXpress configurator tool, and monitored using the WEG_Softscope. These intuitive tools allow remote operation and performance optimisation.

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