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19 June, 2024

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Introduction to Switching into Safety Engineering

24 March, 2021

Welcome to the ‘Switching into Safety Engineering’ series, sponsored by Euchner, a programme of feature articles and webinars over the next seven months, covering the increasingly topical philosophy behind the design and use of safe machinery.

With this six-part multimedia programme of feature articles and associated webinars, we will share our wealth of experience with all those who have an interest in the topic of machinery safety and to provide you with an overview of industrial safety engineering.

Along with a brief history of the development of this sector, you will find valuable information on the wide range of different technologies and obtain insight into relevant machinery safety legislation and related standards. Easy-to-follow examples will be used throughout the series to give a practical perspective to the technical subjects discussed.

The interactive webinar sessions provide an opportunity to see live practical demonstrations of the technology and to put any questions to the safety specialists present. For those who cannot make the specified dates, they will published on-demand after the live events.


Euchner publish a comprehensive hard-copy guide to machinery safety, their excellent 250-page ‘SAFETYBOOK’, drawing from decades in the field, offers a comprehensive introduction to safety engineering followed by a look at the underlying regulations & standards in the UK, Europe, and further afield.
With illustrated examples throughout, the ‘SAFETYBOOK’ will prove to be a vital tool to assist you in the design and use of any machinery safety system.
As a registered participant to the Switching into Safety Engineering’ series you can receive your totally cost-free copy by completing your details below.

Topic 1 – The Basics and Fundamentals of Safe Machinery

We start the six-part series with a look into some of the main topics facing machinery builders and operators today, introducing the requirements and prerequisites of safe machinery.
Topics include:

  • personnel versus process safety;
  • the convergence of safety and security in a modern factory;
  • machinery interaction or mode selection for when total exclusion is not possible.

The first topic will be followed up with our initial Zoom Q&A on 29 April


Topic 2 – Safety Device Design and Selection

Selection of the correct safety device for any given application is a major engineering decision and quite literally could result in life or death. In this comprehensive double-edition, we cover the technologies used within commonly used safety devices and how the in-built features can be used to ensure safety for both personnel and equipment. We look at locking versus non-locking technologies and explore the solutions to prevent manipulation of the safeguarding measures on high-speed production equipment.

Zoom Q&A: 28 May


Topic 3 – The Fundamental Regulations and Standards Applicable to Machinery Safety

Topic 3 gives level-headed information and advice on regulations such as UKCA, CE and PUWER. Where do the regulations apply? What are the ways in which you can fulfil their requirements?

In addition, key standards including EN-ISO-13849 and EN-ISO 14119 will be discussed and practical guidance on how these standards can be applied to new and existing work equipment throughout a factory.
Zoom Q&A: 6 July


Topic 4 – Designing a Safety Related Control System

Our fourth topic in the series drills down into the necessities of good machinery safety control system design. Terms such as Category, Performance-Level, Dual-Channel, Redundancy, Series Connections are often misunderstood, Here we provide an essential insight.

Zoom Q&A: 8 September


Topic 5 – Emerging Safety Technologies, Industry 4.0 & Next-Generation Challenges

Topic 5 looks to the present and the future, covering some of the latest developments in industrial safety engineering. Personnel and machinery work closer together than ever - we look at the development of Collaborative Robots (COBOTS), the need for maximising OEE within a modern manufacturing plant and emerging safety technologies such as Safe Mode Selection that are likely to impact us over the coming period.

Zoom Q&A: 7 October


Topic 6 – Machinery Safety Case Studies & Series Summary

Our final wrap up session puts into perspective everything you will have learned over the past five topics, applying it in a practical and illustrative way to give a real-world vision of creating and maintaining a safe machine from design through to use.

Zoom Q&A: 18 November


About our Sponsor

Euchner is a leading specialist in industrial safety engineering, developing and manufacturing products and solutions tailored to the requirements of customers from a wide range of sectors. Safety for people, machines and products has been the maxim of Euchner since 1953.

The family-owned business was established in Germany in 1953 and now has hundreds of employees around the world supplying specialist equipment and safety-services for machines and installations designed to minimise hazards and risks, which in turn protects people and processes.

Euchner was the first company to develop the RFID Safety Switch, now included as standard in many products, making factories much safer for the people who work in them.

Euchner Products and services include:

  • Safety interlocks
  • Safety controllers & evaluation devices
  • Light-curtains & grids
  • Non-contact safety switches
  • Safety services:

               - PUWER

               - CE & UKCA Marking

               - Training

               - Risk Assessments

               - Control Circuit Design Verification & Validation

Further Advice and Information from our Sponsor:

For machinery safety services and advice including training:

For technical solutions and product related enquiries:


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