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21 May, 2024

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32-axis motion controller can be set up in ‘minutes’

27 June, 2016

Galil Motion Control has announced its first 32-axis motion controller. The DMC-52xx0 EtherCat master can control up to 32 drives and two I/O modules, and includes uncommitted I/O for easy integration with EtherCat applications.

“What puts the DMC-52xx0 apart from other EtherCat masters is its small form factor, its local I/O, and its easy setup and connects,” says Galil applications and marketing engineer, Amber Ehard. “In just a few minutes, the user can have 32 motors up and running as opposed to days of effort with other products.”

The controller, which is designed to solve complex motion problems, is available in 2-, 4-, 8-, 16- and 32-axis formats. It can be used for applications involving jogging, point-to-point positioning, position tracking, contouring, linear and circular interpolation, and electronic gearing and cams. Configuration and programming involves a “handful” of EtherCat configuration commands and Galil’s two-letter programming language.

Coordinated moves can be done within banks of up to eight axes, minimising the need for programming changes. The device operates in a cyclic synchronous position (CSP) mode that provides closed-loop servo control. It sends motion profile commands at 1kHz and supports EtherCat drives from AMC, Copley, Delta, LS, Panasonic, Sanyo-Denki and Yaskawa, as well as Galil.

Galil's EtherCat master motion controller can handle up to 32 axes

There are eight uncommitted opto-isolated inputs and eight uncommitted high power outputs. There are also eight uncommitted analogue inputs and eight uncommitted analogue outputs (12-bit as standard, with 16-bit as an option).

An Ethernet port supports communication with a host PC, with USB as an alternative. Multiple EtherCat drives can be linked in a daisy-chain and connected to the controller’s EtherCat port, simplifying wiring and reducing set-up times. The DMC-52xx0 is packaged in a compact metal enclosure and is powered by a 90–250V AC supply.

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