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16 June, 2024

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Stopper cylinders are ‘the most powerful on the market’

19 August, 2015

Festo has launched a series of “affordable” stopper cylinders which, it claims, are the most powerful of their type on the market. The DFSP cylinders can withstand impact forces up to 200% higher than their predecessors.

“The DFSP is able to handle and stop heavy loads of up to 6,280N and is suitable for separating, stopping and indexing functions,” says Steve Sands, product manager at Festo in the UK. “These benefits make the series an ideal solution across many industries, including materials-handling, machine tools, automotive and all sectors that use conveyor technologies.”

The cylinders, based on Festo’s ADN design, also offer a longer service life, cutting maintenance and downtime costs. A reduced clearance between the piston rod and bearing is said to improve the cylinders’ accuracy.

The cylinders are available with an internal thread in the piston rod for mounting customer-specific parts and tooling, such as plates for braking systems. They are protected against rotation, so the rod will always align the stopper blade precisely with approaching carriers.

Festo's stopper cylinder is suitable for a wide range of applications

“Compared with our previous stopper cylinders and others on the market, the DFSP meets a wider range of application requirements,” says Sands. “The additional features, combined with an attractive price and improved reliability, means the DFSP will be the best-performing stopper cylinder on the market.”

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