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19 June, 2024

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British engineering graduates earn almost as much as doctors

19 November, 2013

Among British graduates, only doctors earn more than engineers, new figures have revealed. Engineering graduates earn an annual average of £42,016 – slightly behind doctors on £45,604 but almost twice as much as arts graduates, who earn an average of £21,944 – according to the figures released by the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS).

This puts engineers ahead of architects (who earn an average of £34,996), business and finance graduates (on £30,004), and mathematicians and computer scientists (on £34,008). Graduates with humanities degrees earn an average of £27,976, while those with arts degrees earn £21,944.

The figures also reveal that 93% of engineering graduates are male, compared to 47% of doctors, 78% of architects and 77% of mathematicians and computer scientists.

Just 7% of British graduates work in the manufacturing sector, compared to 21% who work in banking and finance, and 41% who have careers in public administration, education and health. The percentage of non-graduates who work in manufacturing is 13%.

Source: Office for National Satistics

Perhaps surprisingly, given the engineering skills shortage in the UK, a relatively large proportion of engineering graduates (11%) are unemployed. This compares with 5% for doctors, 7% for media and information studies graduates, and 8% for technology graduates.

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