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16 June, 2024

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Single-sensor safety positioning system is ‘the world’s first’

20 September, 2022

Leuze has announced a safety positioning system for applications such as stacker cranes that uses a single sensor to detect positions instead of the two needed previously.

Until now, two sensors using two different technologies have had to be used in a redundant configuration to monitor the speed and position of equipment such as stacker cranes and transverse transfer cars, to ensure that they pose no danger to personnel during maintenance or when operating with a manned cab. This redundant setup has been needed to meet performance level d.

Leuze claims that its new FBPS 600i single-sensor barcode positioning system meets performance level e using a single sensor. This makes it easier to implement safety functions as well as saving space, and simplifying installation.

The sensor detects a tough, UV-resistant barcode tape fixed to the opposite rack. With every scanning pass, it reads multiple codes, from which software determines precise position values. The sensor scans the code at various locations to avoid errors caused by dirt or damage to the tape.

The sensor has an error reaction time of 10ms, making it suitable for detecting position involving rapid movements. Parameters such as speed curves and throughput can be optimised. The sensor’s working range of 50–170mm allows flexible integration in different applications.

Leuze claims that its single-sensor safety system avoids the previous need to use two sensors for safe position detection

The sensor is connected to a safety evaluation system, such as a drive, via two SSI interfaces.

A quick-change system simplifies mounting of the sensors. They can be secured safely using an easy-to-access screw on the mounting clamp, saving time.

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