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19 June, 2024

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Decentralised starter is ‘smallest and first with IP65 and STO’

05 February, 2020

At the recent SPS show iun Germany, Wieland Electric unveiled a decentralised motor starter that, it claims, is the smallest in its power range and the first with IP65 protection and a built-in STO (Safe Torque Off) safety function. The podisMS reversing starter covers the power range 0.3–5hp (0.25–4kW) in one frame size, cutting storage and administration costs.

The starter is designed to be easy to commission. Parameterisation can be carried out onboard using DIP switches. There is also a Web configurator to help with the settings and this can be accessed by scanning a QR code on the front of the starter with a smartphone or tablet.

A “sophisticated” thermal design, together with low-wear electronic switching, is said to result in long service lives, even with frequent switching cycles.

The built-in STO function allows safety to be implemented without extra components. It is said to achieve PL e / SIL 3 performance. When STO is activated, the motor is disconnected from the power supply, while connected sensors and actuators and the starter continue to be supplied. Communications with the device and sensors remains active, and a single drive or a group of drives can still be stopped.

Built-in motor protection functions include a thermal motor model, a thermo-mechanical circuit breaker, and the option of reading a motor thermistor.

Wieland’s IP65-protected 4kW motor starter is said to be the smallest in its power range

The starter has CE, UL and cUL approvals, making it suitable for use worldwide. For the US market, it includes a “repair switch” in accordance with UL 508. This allows drives to be disconnected safely for repair or maintenance, enabling individual lines or loads to be disconnected from the mains without having to shut down the entire system. An integrated supply generates a 24V DC auxiliary voltage to power sensors without using the neutral conductor, making additional cabling unnecessary, and saving time and costs.

•  Wieland has created a new business area called Industry Solutions that will cover safety technology, industrial communications and electrical connection technologies. Wieland has also agreed to cooperate with the Danish company PR electronics in the area of safe analogue value processing.

The 4kW motor starter is part of a system that includes power distribution and AS-I communications

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