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28 May, 2024

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Linear encoder delivers absolute and incremental outputs

23 July, 2015

MTS Sensors has developed a linear encoder with two output channels – an incremental interface and a synchronous serial interface (SSI) – for position and velocity control of linear and other motors. The Temposonics A-Series Duo encoder can be used to implement measurement systems requiring absolute position feedback, while also producing an incremental encoder signal for monitoring the motor position. The ability to capture absolute position data means that recalibration is not needed.

The incremental interface (either TTL quadrature or 1Vpp sin/cos) provides position data and velocity feedback from the motor, while the SSI output measures the absolute linear position with a 1µm resolution. The encoders are based on a non-contact magnetostrictive sensing technology.

MTS says that compared to traditional products such as optical encoders, the new sensors offer several advantages, including improved shock and vibration resistance. They can operate in relative humidity levels up to 90% and in temperatures from –40°C to +85°C. With appropriate connectors, they also offer IP67 protection to liquid ingress.

“This new product series allows use of advanced magnetostrictive linear positioning in applications where this wasn’t previously possible, so that greater accuracy and improved reliability can be realised,” says Dr Olaf Kissing, product manager for industrial sensors at MTS. “These devices go beyond what can be achieved by conventional linear encoder options, with extremely low failure rates as well considerable reductions in implementation and maintenance costs.”

MTS' dual-output linear encoder combines absolute and incremental encoding in one housing

The encoders do not need air plumbing, covers or moving cables, making them easy to install. There is no need for periodic cleaning or calibration, thus cutting operating costs.

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