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24 April, 2024

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Side-by-side modular drives save cabinet space

17 October, 2014

At next month’s SPS IPC Drives show in Germany, Siemens will be launching a second generation of its Sinamics G120 modular drives with significantly higher power densities than before. The new drives can be mounted side-by-side without derating, reducing not only space requirements but also the cost of the control cabinets.

The higher power density is attributable to a new power module (the PM240-2) which users can combine with control modules and other options such as operator panels. The controls offer extended functions, including vector control and basic positioning capabilities. Safety functions up to PL e / SIL 3 are built in.

To reduce heat levels in control cabinets, the new G120 drives use a push-through cooling system as well as needs-based ventilation.

The re-engineered drives come in seven frame sizes with power ratings from 0.3 –250kW. They will be available in versions for 200V, 400V and 690V supplies. An integrated DC link inductor improves resistance to line fluctuations, while IP21 protection makes the drives drip-proof, allowing them to be mounted outside control cabinets, even in damp environments.

Siemens' upgraded Sinamics S120 modular drives will save space inside control cabinets

Filtered and unfiltered versions have the same footprint. Optimised connections on the line and motor sides are said to simplify commissioning and maintenance work.

Siemens has also upgraded its rugged, modular Siplus G120 converters for use in extreme conditions. The systems, based on the Sinamics series, consist of control and power modules for outputs from 1.5–15kW. Configuration, parameter assignment, commissioning and operation are all standardised. 

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