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28 May, 2024

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Energy harvesting revenues will hit $375m by 2020

06 February, 2014

Global sales of energy harvesting systems, which convert ambient energy into useable electrical energy, will grow from $283m in 2014 to nearly $375m by 2020, according to a new study from Navigant Research.

These systems offer an alternative to battery power for portable or remote devices. Using energy sources such as light, heat, vibrations or motion, energy harvesting technologies are already being used to power consumer products such as laptops and mobile phones.

Another important application for energy harvesting is powering networks of sensors that monitor variables in real time. These devices can provide information on machine health, temperature, security, structural health and other parameters. According to the report, energy harvesting offers several advantages over conventional power supplies – such as lower cabling and installation costs – and users are implementing the technology in increasingly innovative ways.

Growing demand: a device that converts vibrations into electrical power
Source: Perpetuum

“The idea of mobile devices that charge themselves continuously, without intervention, access to electrical outlets, or unwieldy cords, has been prevalent among both developers and users for some time,” says Navigant’s research director, Eric Woods. “This is the future of mobile devices – and the technology to make it happen has arrived.”

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