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6 June, 2023

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Can VSDs compete with all-in-one EC fans?

30 November, 2021

Oliver Woolley, ABB’s key account manager for the HVAC sector, discusses the merits of variable-speed drives in HVAC applications, and how they stack up against electronically-commuted fans.

Taking the guesswork out of VSD maintenance

15 October, 2021

Cloud computing allows us to track and analyse VSD data accurately, and to schedule maintenance exactly when it is needed. Liam Blackshaw, product manager for LV drives at ABB Motion UK, believes this is “a game-changer”.

How drives and motors fit into circular economy

14 September, 2021

Recycling motors and drives can result in substantial energy and environmental benefits. ABB’s UK managing director, David Hughes, looks at the role these industrial components can play in helping to achieve a circular economy.

How harmonics relate to running costs

01 September, 2021

Low-harmonic drives can tackle high levels of harmonic distortion at a relatively low cost. Liam Blackshaw, ABB’s UK product manager for LV drives, argues that concerns over higher-order harmonics and efficiency are usually misplaced.

Ecodesign regs: What do they mean for VSDs?

15 June, 2021

The first EU regulations covering the efficiency of VSDs come into force next month. Liam Blackshaw, ABB’s product manager for LV drives, examines the implications.

Cabling best practice Part 4: Length

04 May, 2021

Long cables between a motor and a VSD are not generally a good idea, but are sometimes unavoidable. ABB's Martin Richardson explains the factors to consider.

Cabling best practice Part 3: Routing

05 April, 2021

Have you ever experienced instruments giving readings from variable-speed drives that are clearly inaccurate or sporadic? The problem may lie, not with your drives, but with the way their cabling is installed, as ABB's Martin Richardson explains.

Cabling best practice Part 2: Grounding

08 March, 2021

Improving installation techniques for variable speed drives can dramatically reduce the likelihood of equipment failure and increase system reliability. Here, ABB's Martin Richardson considers the importance of earthing.

Choosing the best cables for VSDs

16 February, 2021

VSD-controlled pump installations sometimes experience spurious tripping or erratic process measurements. As ABB’s Martin Richardson reveals, such problems are increasingly being attributed to incorrect choice or installation of cabling. 

Energy regulations for motors and VSDs are set to change in July

06 January, 2021

From July 2021, a new Ecodesign regulation will come into force for low-voltage induction electric motors rated up to 1kV AC and, for the first time, for variable-speed drives. ABB UK sales manager Rich Gee explains the new requirements. 

How will new harmonic guidelines affect VSDs?

26 November, 2020

In his second column on the new G5/5 harmonic recommendation, ABB’s Martin Richardson reports that while there are many changes that may result in different methods of assessment, there are no fundamental changes in the mitigation methods and technologies used to keep harmonics in check. 

A roadmap to net zero

16 October, 2020

The next few years will be make-or-break for how global leaders respond to climate change. But businesses have a big part to play and should capitalise on their energy-saving initiatives and investments, argues ABB’s UK managing director, David Hughes. 

Harmonising a classic

16 September, 2020

The UK electricity has issued a new edition of its G5 harmonics recommendations. ABB’s Martin Richardson outlines the main changes between G5/4-1 and G5/5. In a future column, he will examine the impact of the recommendations on variable-speed drive installations.

Nine tips for using VSDs with submersible pumps

11 August, 2020

Using a VSD to control submersible pump systems raises several important issues. ABB’s Martin Richardson examines them.

Making sense of the torque

23 June, 2020

Variable-speed drives (VSDs) are intelligent devices, acting like virtual sensors by continuously measuring and calculating parameters that can affect an application. ABB’s Martin Richardson suggests that, if used correctly, this could shift industry from a “fix it when it breaks” mentality to “fix it before it breaks”.

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