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6 June, 2023

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Preventing pump cavitation the easy way

01 May, 2023

Clayton Mead, water industry manager for ABB Motion in the UK, explains how to prevent damage and extend the lifespan of pumps by using in-built drive functions to detect and control cavitation.

Three things to remember about VSD cybersecurity

01 April, 2023

Drives, like computers, can be vulnerable to cyber-attack if appropriate protections are not put in place. Michael Roebuck, ABB’s digital lead for motion, provides some practical tips on how to improve VSD cybersecurity.

Which is more sustainable: EC fans or VSDs?

01 March, 2023

For AHU applications, particularly in facilities such as data centres, electronically commuted fans are held up as an efficient, sustainable method of powering cooling fans. However, efficiency is not the only factor to consider, as Carl Turbitt, ABB’s UK HVAC drives sales manager, explains.

Which motor control method should you use?

01 February, 2023

Intro: Modern variable-speed drives (VSDs) allow users to implement a choice of different control philosophies. Liam Blackshaw, ABB’s UK product manager for LV drives, explores some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Three rules for installing refrigerator compressors

20 December, 2022

Almost all food and beverage plants need cooling and refrigeration at some point in the process, whether for raw ingredients or finished products. George Dodwell, ABB area sales manager for drives, explains what to consider when installing VSDs for refrigeration applications.

How to choose between MV and LV drives

14 November, 2022

Medium-voltage drives are thought to be more costly and complex than low-voltage drives, and better suited to higher power applications. But, as Alberto Ricci, ABB’s system drives sales manager, explains, modern MV drives are less daunting, more versatile, and can be more cost-effective than LV equivalents.

How PID can cut energy usage in HVAC applications

01 October, 2022

External PID controllers and PLCs can be expensive or complex to install and operate. Oliver Woolley, ABB’s key account manager for HVAC, explains how a drive’s integrated PID function can help to save energy in HVAC applications.

How a fireman’s override can help to save lives

01 September, 2022

The heatwaves over the summer were a sober reminder of the risks of fires in buildings. In the event of a fire, modern VSDs can be configured to help clear smoke, keep fire exits clear and preserve life, as Oliver Woolley, ABB’s key account manager for HVAC, explains.

How VSDs can make multi-fan HVAC systems resilient

01 August, 2022

Multi-fan HVAC configurations can help to improve redundancy and reduce reliance on any single fan motor. Oliver Woolley, ABB’s key account manager for HVAC in the UK, explains how VSDs can improve system resilience and reduce wear and tear, while ensuring that a building’s airflow requirements are met.

Taking the heat out of motor operation

01 June, 2022

IE5-efficiency synchronous reluctance motors are becoming the motor of choice for many UK industries, including the water industry, due to their impressive energy savings compared to IE2 or IE3 motors. According to James Thomas, ABB’s UK water industry manager, their lower running temperatures can also help to prolong equipment lives.

Helping to avoid motor downtime in hazardous areas

01 May, 2022

It can be difficult to monitor motors operating in potentially explosive atmospheres as easily as standard motors, but there are some simple steps that you can take to make maintenance more predictable and to prolong motor lives, as Steve Hughes, digital lead of ABB’s Motion Business in the UK, explains.

An old technology that’s learned new tricks

01 April, 2022

Synchronous condensers have been around for many years, but have recently enjoyed a new lease of life. Robb Wood, ABB’s UK division manager for large motors and generators, explains how.

The water industry shouldn’t be afraid to upgrade

01 March, 2022

Many UK water industry companies are still relying on legacy equipment that is decades old. James Thomas, ABB’s UK water industry manager, argues that they need to act quickly to take advantage of more efficient motor technologies if they are to hit their ambitious net-zero targets.

Tapping into flowing water to generate power

01 February, 2022

Flowing water represents a huge opportunity for small-scale generation of clean energy with rapid paybacks. According to ABB’s UK water industry manager, Clayton Mead, such applications are easier and cheaper than you might think, and VSDs can play
a key role.

The risks of feeding VSDs from generators

05 January, 2022

ABB’s water framework manager, Martin Richardson, explains some of the challenges associated with supplying variable-speed drives (VSDs) from generators – and how to solve them.

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