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16 June, 2024

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Tuning-free VSD promises a 6% efficiency boost

18 October, 2016

Yaskawa has released a new range of general-purpose variable-speed drives that can control induction, permanent magnet (PM) or synchronous-reluctance motors without needing any tuning. The GA700 drives, which were previewed at the 2015 SPS IPC Drives Show in Germany, incorporate a “smart power saver” function claimed to boost the efficiency of induction motors by 6% at 20% speed, as well as improving the efficiency of PM motors by up to about 2%. Another function, called MPTA (maximum torque per ampere), minimises the current drawn, according to the load.

Industrial security appliance 'overcomes firewall limitations'

17 October, 2016

Rockwell Automation has announced an industrial security appliance incorporating new security technologies designed to protect plant-floor systems. It says that the Allen-Bradley Stratix 5950 overcomes limitations of most IT firewalls, which cannot protect against threats to industrial network traffic.

15,583 products include ‘fastest' small machine controller

03 October, 2016

Omron in Japan has announced a total of 15,583 controls products, in seven categories, forming a second wave of factory automation control devices built on a common design platform for unified product specifications. The products include many items for use in control panels – such as relays, switch-mode power supplies, pushbutton switches and terminal blocks, and power monitors – as well as a compact machine controller which executes Ladder Diagram (LD) instructions in 3.3ns, said to be the fastest in its class.

Control system offers ‘next-gen platform for Industrial Internet’

03 October, 2016

GE Automation & Controls has announced a modular control technology that integrates with the industrial Internet to deliver what it claims are new levels of productivity. It says that early adopters of the Industrial Internet Control System (IICS) have reported 7% gains in asset performance and 22% increases in efficiency. It also expects the IICS to cut maintenance costs by around 40%.

Tiny PLC platform supports Industry 4.0 applications

28 September, 2016

California-based Maxim Integrated Products has announced a pocket-sized PLC development platform that, it asserts, will redefine how factories operate, as well as enabling Industry 4.0 applications. In a volume of less than 10in3 (164cm3), the platform provides 30 IOs (including four analogue inputs, one analogue output, eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs), four IO-link ports, three motion controllers, and diagnostics. It incorporates what are claimed to be the industry’s smallest brushed DC motor drivers, as well as incremental encoder inputs.

Laser alignment tools for belts and shafts are easy to set up

19 September, 2016

NSK has announced a pair of laser-based systems for aligning belts and shafts which, it says, are easy to set up, even over long distances. The tools have been developed in response to the fact that more than half of machines run out-of-alignment, causing higher loadings than necessary, and reducing performance.

Wireless access point bolts onto machines to give remote comms

19 September, 2016

The Swedish industrial communications specialist HMS Industrial Networks has announced a wireless access point that is designed to be mounted on a machine or cabinet like a bolt to provide wireless access via a WLAN, or Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy. The IP67-protected Anybus Wireless Bolt can be used to configure a machine remotely, to replace cables, or to connect the system to a cloud service.

‘Ultimate’ power supply is cyber-secure and is ‘built to last’

16 September, 2016

The Californian controls manufacturer Bedrock Automation has developed an industrial power supply which, it asserts, sets new standards for onboard intelligence, durability and cyber-security. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, Bedrock’s engineers designed the SPS.500 to be “the ultimate power supply”.

One-tool system cuts RJ-45 termination times by up to 60%

13 September, 2016

Belden has developed a “game-changing” RJ-45 connection system that, it claims, will cut termination times by up to 60%. The REVConnect system uses the same termination core for either a plug or a socket, and is suitable for all Category 5e, Category 6 and Category 6A RJ-45 connections. A single tool performs every step of the termination process, including cable preparation.

Bandless V-belts are the first to be 'service-free'

13 September, 2016

The belt-maker Gates claims to have developed the first bandless V-belt that needs no servicing or maintenance. Its new Quad-Power 4 belt does not need to be “run in” or re-tensioned within 48 hours of being installed, resulting in fewer production standstills and lower maintenance costs, especially for difficult-to-reach belt drives.

Development offers secure remote access to industrial networks

12 September, 2016

The industrial communications specialist Belden and the Danish software developer Secomea have joined forces to offer a simple, secure way to provide remote network access, programming and diagnostics. They are offering a combined hardware and software package that will help users to take advantage the increased connection of devices made possible by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Yaskawa unveils its first collaborative robot outside Japan

12 September, 2016

The robot-maker Yaskawa has unveiled its first collaborative robot to be sold outside of Japan. The Motoman HC10 can handle loads up to 10kg and has a reach of 1.2m.

High-speed surface inspector challenges line-scan cameras

09 September, 2016

Mitsubishi Electric has announced a compact, easy-to-install alternative to line-scan cameras for inspecting defects on flat surfaces. Called the line-scan bar, it offers high-quality, distortion-free images up to the edges of materials moving at speeds of up to 1,000m per minute, or even faster.

Gearbox oil monitor will cut downtime and costs

09 August, 2016

Renold Gears has announced an oil-condition monitoring system that it claims is 60 times more sensitive to oil contamination than conventional dielectric sensors and provides an all-round view of gearbox oil performance

IO-Link master brings smart diagnostics to tough areas

09 August, 2016

Rockwell Automation has announced an IP67-rated IO-Link master that gives access to sensor diagnostics in harsh operating environments. It claims that the machine-mountable Allen-Bradley ArmorBlock will cut the time taken to resolve issues by up to 90%, as well as improving preventive maintenance and optimising system performance.

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