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10 December, 2023

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Platform-independent measurement software is ‘the first’

20 July, 2020

A German measurement technology specialist Delphin Technology has come up with a software product that, it claims, for the first time combines measurement technology functions with platform independence. The ProfiSignal 20 software allows data analyses and process visualisations to be viewed on smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

Ultracapacitors save braking energy to fend off power cuts

17 July, 2020

Siemens has announced a range of ultracapacitor modules designed to recover and store braking energy from machines to avoid peak loads and ensure that the machines continue to operate during power outages. The DLC UltraCap modules can store energy for machinery such as handling systems, robotics, machine tools, metal-forming technologies, and wood, glass and plastic processing systems.

Outdoor plastics enclosures ‘redefine’ the technology

15 July, 2020

The German enclosure-maker Rittal claims that it is “completely redefining” plastic enclosure technology with a new family of enclosures designed to protect electrical components even in harsh outdoor environments. The new AX enclosures – which replace the previous KS series – incorporate new mounting functions said to make rapid expansion possible and to provide more scope for installations using smart technologies. For the first time, says Rittal, they will transform plastic housings into enclosure systems, with enhanced scope for interior installation.

Water-cooled motors deliver 40% more power than TEFC

30 June, 2020

ABB has announced a pair of water-cooled motors that, it says, will deliver an average of 40% more power than fan-cooled designs. The constant cooling of the AXW 315 and 400 IEC frame motors extends their insulation and bearing lives, thus boosting uptime. Their small footprints save space.

5G router for private industrial networks is ‘the first’

29 June, 2020

Three companies – Phoenix Contact, Quectel and Ericsson – have worked together to develop and deploy the first 5G router for local industrial applications in private 5G networks. It will allow machines, controls and other equipment to be connected to private 5G networks to manage their behaviour and use of resources.

Direct-drive integrated servomotor has wide speed range

22 June, 2020

The UK positioning technology manufacturer Overview has announced a direct-drive, integrated servomotor with a wide dynamic speed range (0.05–720 degrees/second), 0.007-degree repeatability and 1Nm of output torque. The Miranda motor fills a torque gap in Overview’s Servotorq series of direct-drive, servomotors, which are designed to deliver high positional accuracy with fast, smooth and silent motion.

Fast, high-payload delta robot targets retail logistics

17 June, 2020

ABB has announced a flexible, high-payload delta robot to target applications such as customised packaging, vertical packing, and high-speed, high-variation sorting and on-demand order-picking in logistics and e-commerce fulfilment centres.

5 Mpx vision sensors can replace several low-res devices

08 June, 2020

The German sensor-maker Sensopart has announced a 5 Megapixel vision sensor which it describes as “unique”. The Visor V50 boasts an image resolution that is several times larger than standard vision sensors.

Bolt-on device can link remote assets anywhere in the world

08 June, 2020

HMS Networks has announced a device that delivers reliable cellular-based Internet connections for remote assets almost anywhere in the world. The Anybus Wireless Bolt IoT uses Low Power Wide Area Network (LP-WAN) technologies with frugal power needs, limited bandwidths (25-300 kbit/s), and low connection costs.

Tool can slash enclosure configuring times by up to 95%

08 June, 2020

The enclosure manufacturer Rittal has announced a tool for configuring its small enclosures that, it says, can cut the time it takes to choose, configure and purchase a compact enclosure by up to 95%. The Rittal Configuration System (RiCS) allows users to browse through an online catalogue of more than 250 accessories, but only shows them components that are suitable for a chosen cabinet. Once selected, the accessory can be positioned in an online 3D model of the enclosure.

Efficient motors comply with new Ecodesign Directive

21 May, 2020

The German drives and automation specialist Lenze is launching a new motor platform that complies with the Ecodesign Directive that is due to come into force in Europe in the summer of 2021. The m500 motors are designed to be future-proof and can be used worldwide. They are intended primarily to be combined with Lenze’s g500 gearboxes and i500 inverters.

Intuitive software speeds cobot set-ups and cuts costs

17 May, 2020

Mitsubishi Electric in Japan has announced a series of collaborative robots (cobots) designed to be deployed quickly using intuitive programming software. It says that the combination will help to achieve more efficient production, and cut the total cost of ownership (TCO) of robotic systems

Pocket-sized thermal camera sends images straight to the cloud

14 May, 2020

Flir Systems has announced a pocket-sized thermal camera that uploads thermal images and videos directly to the cloud via WiFi, allowing maintenance personnel to store and back up the files, and to share them with other people. The Flir C5 – the first camera in the company’s Cx series to support its Ignite cloud services – is designed to speed up electrical and mechanical testing, energy auditing, and other applications.

Graphical software allows novices to program cobots

06 May, 2020

ABB has announced a graphical programming aid for its single-arm YuMi cobot (collaborative robot) that allows users with no prior knowledge of robot programming to create programs quickly without needing specialised training.

IIoT platform gathers data to help move to smart factories

06 May, 2020

Fanuc has announced an open-source IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platform that can connect a wide range of Fanuc and third-party production technologies – including legacy models dating back to 2000. The aim of the Field (Fanuc Intelligent Edge Link and Drive) system is to provide fast, centralised access to all production data in a plant and to help users to move towards smart factories.

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